What is Meditation?

Meditation is a practice by which one begins the process of choosing the direction or function of one's mind and emotions.  All too often, we may find ourselves “at the mercy” of our thoughts, hopes, desires and fears as well as other ever-changing emotions.

One definition of meditation is “to cultivate." As this term implies, meditation is a gradual and continual practice of training the mind.  It is not, as is so often thought, a practice that you do which is either “right or wrong."

There are many different types of meditation practices that can be used to cultivate very specific types of awareness.  With persistence and perseverance, one gradually begins to develop the qualities or awareness sought in the meditation.

Practices in which Laura gives meditation instruction include:

  • Shamatha or Calm Abiding:  Mindfulness of breathing, settling the mind in its natural state, and cultivating awareness of simply being aware

  • The Four Applications of Mindfulness:  Of the body, feelings, mind, & phenomena - the fundamental teachings on the cultivation of contemplative insight

  • The Four Immeasurables:  Lovingkindness, compassion, empathetic joy & equanimity - the heart's path to genuine happiness

  • Dream Yoga:  Both daytime & nighttime practices cultivating lucidity and insight.

Laura is a longtime student of B. Alan Wallace, an internationally known author, scholar and teacher of meditation.  He has authorized her to teach a number of different meditation practices. In addition, she became certified as a meditation instructor in Cultivating Emotional Balance under the instruction of Drs. Alan Wallace, Paul Ekman and Eve Ekman.   Laura regularly offers meditation classes nationwide.  For current classes, please check here.