Prairie Hollow Creations


Laura Mead grew up in Shaftsbury Hollow, Vermont, and as a young adult moved to Kansas after falling deeply in love with the Flint Hills. Both landscapes -- the lush, wooded landscapes of the Green Mountains and the vast, rolling prairie of the Flint Hills -- have captured her imagination.  These vistas inspire her to create art as a means of expression, understanding and connection with others. 


Laura is a practitioner & teacher of meditation.  She is a self-trained and intuitive artist.  To Laura, the act of creating art is part of the meditative process.   Her art is created to cultivate peace, stillness, insight, wisdom and compassion. Each piece of art Laura creates can be used as a type of talisman, invitation & reminder to cultivate those same qualities in and around ourselves each and every day. 

Laura teaches classes and workshops to students young and old.


Laura provides individual and small-group sessions in her art studio

     She enjoys creating with polymer clay and making eco prints on paper and silk scarves with locally gathered grasses and flowers.  

Her creations are now available at a number of local retail outlets, including the gift shops at the Kansas Museum of History and the State Capitol in Topeka, Unique Finds in Overland Park, and the Flint Hills Discovery Center in Manhattanas well as at Leaping Llamas Artisan Shop in downtown Topeka and Strecker Nelson West Gallery in Manhattan. She also maintains a gift shop in her studio at Prairie Hollow as well as her online store. For updates on her work, please visit the Prairie Hollow Creations Facebook page.

Polymer clay necklaces & earrings

Botanical prints

Eco-dyed silk scarves


In this short video, Laura provides an overview of the process used in dyeing silk scarves.

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