Individual Meditation Instruction

    I have received requests from a number of people asking if I would be willing to offer private mediation instruction.  I believe there is great benefit in participating in group meditation and instruction, however I also understand that model may not work for everyone.  And at times people may have more private or detailed questions that they don't wish to share in a group.  With those considerations in mind, I have decided to offer one-on-one meditation instruction.  It is not necessary to choose either private or group classes -- you are welcome to attend either or both.


    The suggested sliding-scale fees for one-on-one instruction are as follows:

       60 minutes      $50 - $100

       30 minutes      $20 - $40

       15 Minutes      Donation only       

All times are approximate.  This is a suggested scale only.  You are welcome to pay more or less, whatever you feel is appropriate.


     These sessions can be arranged for telephone, Skype or in-person consultations.  The latter will either take place after a class session wherever that may be held or at Prairie Hollow -- our country home near Dover, Kansas.  If you have any questions or would like to schedule a session, please email me to set up a time.  Email:

60 min